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So we have had our open morning which was an opportunity for our parents and other grades to see all of our passion projects.   I found it a very exciting project because every year you see all the year 6’s going their projects and now it is finally your turn. I created a stop motion film which is a film where every movement is a picture. One of the biggest challenges was being patient with working with my characters. I created all my characters out of paper and putting them in place could get a bit fiddly especially with many small pieces of paper. Another big thing I found difficult was putting in my music, surprisingly. I couldn’t use all of the song because it would be too long so I had to trim and cut bits. I wanted to use different parts of the song for different parts in my movie and the hardest part was to make it all flow in the end. One of the positives and things I enjoyed during my project was learning new skills and creating a stop motion all together. I enjoyed all the different aspects of creating the stop motion like creating my characters and setting up all the filming equipment. I really enjoyed the project and think one of the things I could work on would be spacing and managing my time better because the last week I found myself in a rush but it was a great project and I was very happy with my finished movie. Here are some interesting passion projects I saw and hope you enjoy looking at these ones. 

Who created a music video which is very well done and very interesting

She created a business called Joyful Creations were she made greeting cards where she took pictures for the front.

She did quilting and made a beautiful quilt.

Abby made a home in a bag which is a little kit she made to give out the the homeless this winter which I thought was very thoughtful.

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  1. Hello, this is Allan from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas.
    My friend made a stop motion film. It is really hard. I feel good for you since you finished. My friend made all the characters, all the settings, but in the end, rage quit and gave up.
    If you want to visit me, I’m at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/allan4368/.

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